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We have collected our main services below, with a brief note on how we look at them.

In collaboration with our partners we have

the ability to assist with most things in advertising and communication.

Analys - services


We must always be able to answer the question of why we should carry out an activity. Define the purpose and goals, as well as your expectations as a client. Clear goals are essential in developing the right solutions and plans. Goals are set for the both the short and long term.


We also carry out competitor and target group analyses. These define the particular market segments or groups we should focus our activities on, as well as how the total market looks. A description of how many there are, their interests, lifestyles and media habits, as well as where they are located. Here we generate insights which give us a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and, through that, what a particular problem or challenge involves.

how we do it

We start either from a written brief from you as the client, or we put together a brief in interview form and summarise it for you.  We use all available

industry data, and we also tailor the analyses to meet the needs of the project.

why we do it

To develop a clear joint overall picture of the assignment to work towards.  Together with our insights, this is the most important framework for both strategy and creative ideas


The brief template or our in-house workshops/interview records.  Media investments in the category, branch tracking and sales data from the client.  The market research company, Sifo Orvesto and Reklammätningar [advertising measurements].


We see strategy as a developed definition of how we are to achieve goals in the long and short term, given the information we collected in the analysis above. Essentially, we produce communication and media strategies, but we are also experienced in developing business strategies and brand strategies.

Strtegi - services

How we do it

Collection phase and production phase cooperating closely with your project manager and your other consultants. It is essential that we ensure that everyone is on board with the strategy before we transition to the tactical phase.

Why we do it

A strategy as a foundation is a precondition for developing tactics. Without strategy, we do not know where we are going and we cannot measure results. With an underpinning strategy, we can always solve problems both in the short and the long term.


Experience and input from all relevant data and surveys.


We have years of experience of working with different types of survey. We handle everything from simple campaign measurements or a rapid check on the customers' perception of the brand to brand tracking and more advanced qualitative brand surveys, to obtain an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour and attitudes.

research - services

How we do it

We work closely with several market research institutions, which collect the data. We tailor the material to suit the needs of each individual project, and also interpret and formulate


Why we do it

Firstly, we sometimes need to investigate where the brand stands before we develop a strategy, and secondly we need to measure how the marketing activities have been received.  All research provides insights which we learn from to make accurate assessments and, on occasion, relevant adjustments to the plans.


We have a large network of suppliers who can provide us with data, both qualitative and quantitative. We always customise surveys for each particular requirement. Our suppliers include Xtreme, Novus, Nepa, My telescope and Kantar Sifo.


We ensure that the plan is executed at all levels: production, negotiation, procurement, booking, and material management.

planering - services

How we do it

We create an overall plan to handle the total activity and cost estimate for all communication. 

why we do it

To provide you as the client with a comprehensive overview of every part of your marketing campaign, and also to keep a check on all partial and total costs.


Excel, Orvesto


Programmatic is a collective term for automated trading of ads in real-time. In short, it means that buyers and sellers of ad space conduct transactions through a real-time auction. Much has happened since the first real-time transaction took place in 2009. When comparing programmatic with analog purchases or digital manual purchases, the history of programmatic is not as long. However, it may be considered more productive, as several significant changes have occurred in the field in just over 10 years. This is, of course, due in part to the amount of data and transparency that programmatic entails, and a common effort to standardize and simplify the ecosystem. Source: IAB Sweden.

Prog - - service

How we do it

We currently purchase digital out-of-home, digital display, digital radio, and Connected TV programmatically and continuously optimize for the best possible effectiveness at the lowest possible cost

Why we do it

More and more media are becoming digital. Programmatic advertising automates the buying and selling process, making it faster and more cost-effective compared to traditional methods. It also enables total control over your campaign and desired targeting parameters,


We have access to multiple programmatic buying platforms (DSP) such as Kobler, Google DV360, Google Display Network och Adform. 


MEdia buying

We are highly experienced at media buying, and we handle all types of media: both from analogue, i.e. traditional media such as print, direct mail, TV, radio and out-of-home advertising, to all forms of digital and social media, including collaboration with influencers, podcasts and blogs. We are a member of Sveriges Mediebyråer, the trade association for media agencies in Sweden, and, accordingly, we follow their guidelines for the remuneration of media agencies, i.e. all payments from media accrue to the client.

How we do it

All media purchases are preceded by careful analysis. Media purchases can be carried out either programmatically or through our many, excellent relationships with media representatives. We provide our clients with a comprehensive overview and status for all media purchases, as well as a detailed report after each campaign. All costs are set out clearly in our media plans.

Why we do it

We are totally committed to ensuring that the client receives the best possible value for the media investment, and is kept fully in the loop throughout the process with proper insight and control. We pride ourselves on our transparency.  


TV-planning system, Outdoor Impact, Sifo Orvesto Consumer and Business, custom made Excel tools, custom made dashboards and more. 

marketing automation - services

Marketing automation

Using software to optimise and automate parts of a company's marketing and sales processes. This may include specially-adapted pop-ups on the website which are displayed to the visitor from a specific advert, with completed contact information then being submitted in a CRM.

How we do it

We set up a structure enabling us to direct tailored messages and collect information from your visitors’ digital footprints. From this, we create automated processes, for example between your website, your email system and CRM.

Why we do it

You want to get the maximum possible benefit from your overall media investment.  This manages the expected growth in traffic on your digital platforms and increases conversions or generates leads for future sales.


We are a partner of Triggerbee, which is a modern tool for leads and marketing automation.

Nyhetsbrev - services


Email marketing is a cost-effective and fast channel which gives you the opportunity to say more.  We can help you generate the material, as well as designing templates and mailing, and then develop its use.

How we do it

Depending on which stage we come in at, we can help you create a strategy and functions from the ground up or integrate an ongoing operation. As with everything else, the basic purpose decides how we set things up.

Why we do it

Using email for communication helps you deepen the dialogue with your customers, prospects or your own organisation. It provides timing in your media mix, and can also be part of a Marketing Automation set-up.  And for informing people inside your organisation about future external activities, strengthening the communication from the inside out.


We work in most of the programs that our clients have: Apsis, Rule, Mailchimp etc.

produktion - services


We can help you create or adapt your material to the appropriate media. This can range from adjusting the format of illustrations to adding video and animating banners. If you need a creative concept, we have all the necessary creative and practical resources within our network to develop it.

How we do it

We produce content cost-effectively, and we have a great deal of experience of following graphic profiles and concepts. With our experience of the various media, we know the type of content that functions best, while keeping all communication in harmony.

Why we do it

We offer this because existing material often needs to be adapted to each channel to achieve the best possible result. The fact that we can quickly and simply adapt the content in-house means that you also avoid dealing with yet another party, if you do not have an established contact.


We work in image editing and video editing programs such as Adobe, as well as smart digital production systems linked to our purchasing platforms. We make sure that the original matches the medias' specifications.

Google SEM - services

Keyword advertising  

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is an excellent way of reaching potential customers who are themselves actively searching for a product, for information on an interest or for a solution to a problem. Keyword advertising complements your organic traffic, especially as it can be difficult for a new player to have effective SEO.

How we do it

We draw up keyword suggestions jointly with you, starting from the search behaviour of your target group. We then build campaigns and create adverts on the basis of Google's quality score.

Why we do it

Keyword advertising is intended to capture users who are not searching for you specifically, but are searching for a solution or for what is available. But you should not pay if you are already high up in the organic results.


Proposals in Word. Keyword analyses and publication take place in Google Ads.

Paid social Media - services

Social Media  

This is where we all hang out, socialise and share our private lives. It is simple to direct advertising towards relevant target groups using not just a browser, but a logged-in profile.

How we do it

We find relevant target groups and we structure campaigns to achieve the best optimisation. We can also create, adapt or provide feedback on the content of the adverts to ensure that they function in the most effective way in each social channel and format.

Why we do it

Even people with thousands of followers on social media rarely reach out to more than a few percent of them. People are also selective about the companies they follow today.
The target groups for social media are logged-in users whose interests are tracked on and outside the medium.


We work via Facebook Business Manager, Linkedin Campaign Manager, Google Ads for YouTube etc. We implement script such as the Facebook pixel and the equivalent on your site, which enables retargeting advertising on the platforms.

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